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The transitory popularity of marijuana strains in North America ebbs and flows on a monthly basis.

Conscious of that consumer-driven fact, Marijuana.com scours the menu activity of collectives and dispensaries on Weedmaps to ascertain North America’s most popular strains at the end of the month.

Maintaining her lofty #1 position during the month of August, Blue Dream burned the competition, yet again. Down $1 an eighth from June, Blue Dream’s average asking price for the month of August was $37 per eighth.

Another high achiever for the month of August, Master Kush blazed a trail past 15 strains to reach the 18th position. Up $2.00 per eighth from its March position, customers were paying an average of $37 for an eighth of Master Kush at their local dispensary.

Two other high-flying strains during the month of August were the 24th ranked Wedding Cake followed by Blueberry with the 25th spot. Both climbed 11 positions to make the Top 25 Most Popular Strains list; the two strains maintained an average asking price of $43 per eighth.

While some of the new-school hybrids cost more than your basic strains, the average price per eighth for a Top-25 strain was approximately $39.72 for the month of August.

Top 25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains, August 2017

Top 25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains, August 2017

Difficult to find in many locations, some of these strains are regionally specific and might require a little online research to locate.