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On July 24, supermarkets in Switzerland will start selling what has been touted as the first “hemp cigarette” in the world.

An independent cigarette maker called Heimat is producing tobacco products out of Switzerland and has now turned its attention to the cannabis market. Switzerland legalized cannabis with up to 1 percent THC in 2011, which only allows Heimat the ability to sell CBD. The 20% CBD joints cost 19.90 Swiss Francs per pack.

Initially, the joints will be sold off of the Heimat website and in Coop supermarkets, one of Switzerland’s largest retail and wholesale companies.

Coop Spokesperson, Urs Meier, stated that the supermarket chain already sells other hemp based products, including tea, beer, and oil. Meier added that those products are in high demand.

According to news agency AFP, it is estimated that legal cannabis sales in the Swiss nation hover around 100 million Francs (approx. 90.8 million Euros) per year.

Heimat warned that the CBD product is legal in Switzerland, but those who use it should not attempt to do so when traveling abroad.

weedmaps switzerland

Switzerland’s vast array of CBD-Shops, courtesy of Weedmaps.com

Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett